Supernaturally Living

MAY 7, 2020

Several weeks into San Francisco’s shelter in place order1, I observed a supermoon2 from Corona Heights in San Francisco. Below, you’ll find a poem I wrote while reflecting on the experience. Enjoy!

Suddenly the city was alive, awake.
Through the hills and SF-trademarked fog,
You could hear its soul breath.
The clink of a pot,
The clack of a pan,

But above else, you could feel the hollering “woooops” and “whippees”,
The cheers of the people below.
An escape from the city on other days,
Today Corona Heights was a reminder of life.

The rust colored super-moon came from behind the hills across the soon-to-be moonlit glistening Bay.
Perhaps an assurance that the world was still alive,
Perhaps a reassurance that it will come and go again,
Or, perhaps, simply a natural phenomenon.